Amazon Marketing Strategies For Improve Its Market Position(I)

Amazon has already occupied absolute advantage of online retail and also became tech tycoon around the world. So why it is developed so successfully and fast? Actually it should depend right marketing strategies Amazon adopted.galvanized steel tubing suppliers

14 seconds commodity video advertising

Through comments, forums and social media exchanges, research customer discourse, Amazon thought of a marketing campaign that conversion rate is super high below,

Amazon has created more than 100 video clips in less than 30 seconds using real Echo comments as part of their JustAsk video advertising campaigns on television and YouTube. So depending on short commodity video of 14 seconds to achieve complete virus marketing.

Pop-up shop for precision marketing

Try to apply a new marketing channel to your e-commerce business so that your products are presented to your target customers. (Amazon, for example, uses pop-up shop and others way like ‘Treasure Truck’ attempts.)

Amazon opened some pop-up shops a few years ago as a pilot. By the end of 2017, they had expanded more than 100 flash stores across the United States. These stores are an important reason for the tremendous success of Amazon devices (Echo, Fire TV, Fire Tablets, etc.).

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