Steel Structure Is Important For Prime Building Application(II)

Development in China

Although China has made remarkable achievements in iron structure in the early stage, it has remained at the level of iron buildings for a long time. It was not until the end of the 19th century that China began to adopt modern steel structures. After the founding of New China, the application of steel structure has made great progress, both in quantity and quality, far exceeding the past.

The number of steel structure buildings indicates the economic strength and the degree of economic development of a country or a region. Since 2000, China’s national economy has grown remarkably, its national strength has increased remarkably, and its steel output has become a major country in the world.pipe and tubing suppliers

Steel structure buildings are gradually increasing in economically developed areas. Especially around 2008, driven by the Olympic Games, there was a boom in steel structure construction, strong market demand, which promoted the rapid development of steel structure construction. A large number of steel structure venues, airports, stations and high-rise buildings have been built. Some of them have the world-class level in manufacturing and installation technology, such as the National Stadium of the Olympic Games and other buildings.

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