The Chief Financial Officer In Huawei(II)

Problem 2, Canada also failed to notify China at the first time

At a regular press conference on the 10th, a reporter asked what human rights Meng Wanzhou (Kathy Meng) had suffered when China said that his human rights had been violated. According to media disclosure: the Canadian side arrests people indiscriminately, and, in the absence of a trial conviction, put handcuffs and shackles on Meng’s late boat and treat him directly as a felon, which is obviously a great humiliation and disrespect for Chinese personality. In addition, Meng had hypertension and sleep problems. She had just had neck surgery in May this year, and Canada had no corresponding humanitarian arrangements.square steel tubing for sale

Problem 3, China has adopted a rare diplomatic struggle

On the evening of December 8, David Mulroney, Canadian Ambassador to China, was urgently summoned; on the evening of December 9, Terry Branstad, American Ambassador to China, was urgently summoned. The theme was one. On the detention of Meng’s late boat, the two countries were severely involved and strongly protested.

Problem 4, The US side urgently clarified Trump’s not knowing beforehand

Bolton, the US President’s National Security Adviser, said he learned about Meng’s detention on the same day through a routine briefing by the Justice Department. But he did not tell Trump, and he did not know whether President Trump knew it beforehand.

Problem 5, The US media also criticized the US government’s approach

The Washington Post published an article criticizing the US for being wrong and foolish. Everything is clear. Because judicial resources are limited, there are always trade-offs in case investigation. Why is Huawei always? Must other countries’ telecommunications enterprises be innocent? How can Canada cooperate so vigorously and in time with the cumbersome judicial assistance procedures?

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